goods, vaccines, farm produce, clothes, animals, medicine, pharmaceuticals, perishables, frozen food, electronics, parcels, blood


goods, vaccines, farm produce, clothes, animals, medicine, pharmaceuticals, perishables, frozen food, electronics, parcels, blood

across Africa in hours.

Africa’s foremost super express logistics partner.

Fast, Green, and Reliable logistics

We are on a mission to power businesses, bridging the gap between vendors and markets by leveraging environmentally friendly super express air freight solutions that guarantee reliable, and safe logistics across Africa.

Our Services

jWX Super Express

Fly packages across West Africa in 6 hours.

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We are bringing the true meaning of what express freight is- Instant. We offer Super Express Air freight solutions using scheduled daily departures from airport to airport to be delivered in 6 hours across West Africa.
We fly: 
• High-value time-sensitive Agro-produce
• Vaccines, Medical and Pharmaceuticals
• Priority mail
• Perishables (Flowers, fruits, vegetables)
• Food
• Blood
• Parcels

jWX Space

Seamlessly transport larger packages across borders.

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With jWX, you can easily book space for consignments that require more capacity. Our smart freight solutions are tailored to offer predictability, accessibility, and visibility.
jWX Space air freight services include:
• Transportation of High-value goods
• Temperature-controlled goods
• Equipment and spare parts.

jWX Select

Explore our range of specialized air freight solutions curated to keep your business ahead of the curve.

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We believe that African businesses need to focus on opportunities that ensure growth and expansion. We offer a wide range of specialized services designed to enable our partners to expand their reach and service offerings, especially to hard-to-reach locations.
jWX Select air freight services include:
• Safe movement of human remains
•Animal and Pet Transportation
• Logistics consultation
• Tarmac Construction

Our Story

Transforming Logistics in Africa one business at a time.

We are an aviation technology company enabling super express logistics across Africa. We have audacious faith in Africa and believe that the growth we all desire for the continent lies within. 

Our continent possesses wealth beyond what we have been made to believe and we want to be partners in harnessing the potential of the African people from our craft to our thinking, art, ideas, and our dreams. 

We are on a mission to transport the dreams of Africans to Africa.

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How we are achieving this:

We have built a business to tackle the major challenges of logistics, overcoming the roadblocks entrepreneurs encounter with fulfilment.
We want to enable Africans to dream big and share their talent with the rest of the continent. Your success is our success, and your growth is what fuels us.
Our Operational Values 
Our smaller Aircraft enables us to access difficult-to-reach destinations on time while offering our customers the best possible cost.  
We are the inventors of super express freight. An innovation faster than express freight- super express. We carved out a niche in logistics that transcends the existing trends in delivery timelines.
One thing is sure for us, We will always back up our words with actions. We believe we in doing exactly what we say when we say we are going to do it.
Our love for Africa extends to our love for the earth. We want to see our environment thrive and the ecosystem boom. In every aspect of our operations is our commitment to where life began- Africa. Our aircraft has one of the lowest CO2 emissions. The future is to grow a fleet with zero emissions- from eVTOL to hydrogen-powered aircraft.
Customer First
At the core of our business processes is customer delight. We live and breathe exceeding our customers’ expectations. We offer you the best support to make your own customer service shine.
We stand by everything we promise and offer a money-back guarantee if we ever fall short.
We constantly search for new ways to challenge the status quo and create innovative solutions to tough challenges. We create the bar and raise it, powering game-changing solutions in aviation and logistics tech.   


Powering commerce across Africa, one country at a time.

Enabling a frictionless path for trade within Africa.

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